March 2003 founded the synthetic leather research and development center.


March 2006 founded the Wenzhou Yifan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.


Wenzhou Yifan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., covers an area of ​​40 acres, is a collection Branch, workers, trade as one of the large-scale operation of enterprises. Wenzhou Yifan Chemical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in the production of leather-coated company, has formed leather, micro-fiber, PU, ​​PVC with four categories of high-quality product system, strong technical force and new products Research capabilities and strict means of product testing to ensure that the quality of continuous improvement, product structure continues to improve, the annual production capacity of 1,000 tons.


March 2017 optimization and integration of a comprehensive layout


The decision of the board of directors, Ningde Yifan New Materials Co., Ltd. as a national high-tech enterprises, in order to better development and management, to provide customers with more accurate product development and follow-up, integration of resources on a mutually beneficial, Wenzhou Yifan fine Chemical Co., Ltd. merged into Ningde Yifan New Material Co., Ltd.

Ningde Yifan New Material Co., Ltd.